Project Progress

Hydrogen Park South Australia will produce renewable hydrogen for blending into the existing networks. The project has taken a phased approach with each stage featuring key progress indicators. To keep you updated on the latest activity from around the HyP SA grounds, please see an outline of significant progress below:

HyP SA Opens for Business

May 2021

On 19 May 2021, HyP SA officially opened and commenced blending renewable hydrogen into part of its natural gas distribution network in Adelaide, South Australia.

The facility was formally opened by the Premier of South Australia, the Hon Steven Marshall MP with the Minister for Energy and Mining, the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, amongst a number of distinguished guests including Senior Kaurna Man, Mickey Kumatpi O'Brien, who performed a Welcome to Country.

AGIG Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ben Wilson said the successful completion of HyP SA is an important milestone in South Australia’s renewable gas journey and reflected widening community recognition of hydrogen’s significant benefits.

"HyP SA is an Australian first and one of only a few projects in the world to deliver a renewable gas blend to homes connected to an existing gas network," Mr Wilson said.

Local resident, Jack was also excited about the project. “As a long-time Mitchell Park resident and gas user I’m proud to be one of the first to receive renewable gas. Since finding out about the project I’ve been interested in learning more about the project and the benefits of blended renewable gas and look forward to seeing where it all goes in the future” he said.



HyP SA wins 2020 SA Climate Leaders Awards

February 2021

HyP SA has been named the winner of the ‘Business and Industry’ category at the 2020 SA Climate Leaders Awards. Judges from the Premier’s Climate Change Council said HyP SA is “incredibly important for South Australia, reaffirming the state as a leader in renewable energy innovation and development”. The judges also recognised the engagement and collaboration undertaken as part of the project.

The bi-annual awards were held earlier this year and attended by a number of industry leaders, including South Australia’s Minister for Environment and Water, the Honourable David Speirs MP.

The awards celebrate projects and activities that demonstrate leadership, innovations, collaboration, partnerships and significant achievements in specified climate change areas.

It comes after HyP SA was highly commended at the Premier’s Awards for Energy and Mining, under the ‘Innovation and Collaboration’ energy category. The awards showcase how innovation and best practice can improve the economic, environmental, health and social wellbeing of our state.

Department Environment Water Awards


South Australia’s first renewable hydrogen production achieved

December 2020

A significant milestone was celebrated with first production of renewable hydrogen taking place during commissioning of its key component, a 1.25 MW electrolyser.

It marked both AGIG and South Australia's first ever production of renewable hydrogen, in line with their aligned vision to develop this exciting future industry.

AGIG’s Chief Executive Officer, Ben Wilson, said the milestone is particularly commended noting the significant efforts of all key stakeholders to progress works at site despite the challenges to travel and supply chains presented by COVID-19.

In consultation with our partners, the challenges of COVID-19 during commissioning with technical staff from overseas and interstate has pushed back our schedule and we have made the decision to pause the final stages of commissioning until after the Christmas season. This would allow those personnel to take time and meet any mandatory quarantine requirements to travel back home.

This decision means we have reforecast our aim to deliver Australia's first renewable gas blend to households from 2020 to 2021 and we look forward to resuming the final stages of commissioning in early 2021.

First Renewable H2 Production


Hydrogen supply to industry announced

October 2020

The signing of an agreement with BOC Ltd, a subsidiary of Linde plc, was announced to install tube trailer refilling infrastructure at the site.

Hydrogen tube trailers are generally semi-trailers with hydrogen tanks that vary in length from small tubes to very large size tanks – enabling hydrogen to be road-hauled from a supply site to any destination.

BOC plans to supply industrial customers in Whyalla and Adelaide with hydrogen output from HyP SA.

The new Adelaide-based hydrogen supply chain will replace current tube trailer hydrogen deliveries to Whyalla from Victoria, saving approximately 117,000km in annual driving and 122,000 kilograms of carbon emissions per year.



Electrolyser Installation

September 2020

Following delivery from Germany earlier in the year, the Siemens 1.25 MW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser has begun installation and commissioning on site. The electrolyser is a key component of the electrolysis process, which employs renewable electricity to split water into oxygen and hydrogen gas, producing up to 480kg of hydrogen per day. The renewable hydrogen will then be blended with natural gas for injection into AGN's existing suburban natural gas networks.

Installation was marked by an exclusive tour of the site, with AGN staff joined by the Hon Dan Van Holst Pellekaan MP, Minister for Energy and Mining, the Mayor of the City of Marion, Kris Hanna and other key stakeholders to view construction progress. The German-engineered unit is the largest of its kind in Australia and will produce renewable hydrogen by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen using renewable electricity.

Renewable Gas Project


Blending skid installation

June 2020

In winter 2020, technicians on site installed the blending unit that will add renewable hydrogen to the existing natural gas supply as it flows into the Mitchell Park network.

The equipment being used is commonplace throughout the industry and is designed and installed by specialists to make sure:

• the blend rate of 5% is not exceeded

• the gases are mixed effectively

• gas supply is always maintained to customers.

Blending Skid Installation


Storage tank fabrication

May 2020

In autumn 2020, HyP SA took delivery of a purpose-built vessel with the capacity to store approximately 40kg of hydrogen on site.

The storage vessel, which was fabricated locally by Pipetech in Adelaide, will provide important flexibility to HyP SA’s operations by allowing it to produce hydrogen at optimal times (for example when renewable electricity is cheap and abundant) for later use.

Storage Tank



December 2019

An important milestone in the project was marked during a special event on site, where the first sod was turned to signify the beginning of construction. With the electrolyser on its way from Siemens in Germany and other plant components under construction in South Australia, the ground breaking marked that we are on track to begin hydrogen production by spring 2020.

The event was attended by South Australian Premier the Hon Steven Marshall MP and Minister for Energy and Mining, the Hon Dan Van Holst Pellekaan MP as well as more than 60 key stakeholders.

Our engineering partners GPA Engineering and Valmec will now commence a detailed schedule of construction works at the Tonsley Innovation District site.

Renewable Gas Project Progress


Development Approval

September 2019

AGN was pleased to announce the Development Application for HyP SA’s construction and operation was approved in September 2019.

The Development Application followed comprehensive consultation with South Australian Government’s cross-agency Hydrogen Regulatory Working Group that includes first responders and all other workplace safety, environmental, planning and technical regulation authorities involved in the permitting of hydrogen facilities in South Australia.

Also in September 2019, South Australia hosted the 8th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety, the world’s premier hydrogen-risk management event. AGIG was pleased to sponsor and speak at the event which provided an open platform for presenting and discussing findings and information on hydrogen safety.

Development Aprroval


Inbound delegations hosted over Hydrogen BBQ

August and September 2019

We have been pleased to work with our HyP SA project partner the Government of South Australia to leverage the facility to build partnerships in the supply of renewable hydrogen to new and emerging markets.

In August and September 2019, AGIG participated in inbound delegations led by Representative Lee Won-Wook of Korean National Assembly, and the University of Tokyo respectively. Visitors discussed opportunities for collaboration over lunch cooked by a locally-built barbecue fuelled by 100% hydrogen.

Inbound Delegations Hosted